Armenian dynasty (884-1045) founded by Asot I ("the Great"). Under Asot II Erkat the Iron, who reigned from 914-928, taking the title King of Kings, Armenia (q.v.) consolidated its independence from both Byzantium and the Arabs (qq.v.). This was despite an expedition by Byzantine general John Kourkouas (q.v.) in 922 that bolstered the rival Armenian kingdom ofVaspurakan (q.v.). Asot III the Merciful, who reigned 953-977, transferred his capital to Ani, which became a center of Armenian civilization. The conquest of Ani in 1045 by Byzantine troops effectively ended the Bagratid dynasty. Armenia fell under the control ofthe Seljuks (q.v.) after the battle of Mantzikert (q.v.) in 1071.

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